Due to COVID - 19 all pop-ups, art shows, conventions, and markets have been cancelled till further notice. At this time, things are hard as a small business but I'm doing what I can in these uncertain times. I am however trying my best to make sales online. If you would like to support me please consider visiting my Etsy Shop or Become a Patron.

I am at this time making face masks. Making what I can with what I have / can get ahold of. At the moment sales for masks have been mostly though my FaceBook. Payment through PayPal or Venmo. I haven't put them on Etsy yet, due to the fact I usually sell them faster then I have time to setup a listing for them. (I might set some up on there soon.)

I also do custom orders aswell. If you are interested in my face masks feel free to contact me at RoyallyDivine@gmail.com I can offer you what I have as options for fabric or show you what I have already made. 

Thank you very much for visiting my site.

Stay safe. We are all in this together. 🙏💞
Lotus Moon FaceMask
Lotus Moon FaceMask

Please email to ask for availability~

Lotus Moon FaceMask
Lotus Moon FaceMask

Please email to ask for availability~

Adult Female / Teen Face Masks
Adult Female / Teen Face Masks

Please email to ask for availability~

Lotus Moon FaceMask
Lotus Moon FaceMask

Please email to ask for availability~

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These are masks I've made. Please contact to see what is available.

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No Shows until further notice ~ =(


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UV Protected and Waterproof Iridescent Glitter Tarot Card Rosewood Witch Stickers. You can pink up one of these stickers on my Etsy Shop!


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