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About :

Larissa "Para" Galarza

Owner / Creator of:
Royally Divine

Hello, My name is Larissa! I'm an artist and designer currently living in San Diego, CA with my husband and cat Momo. I love to explore all forms of art and firmly believe the more you learn the better you get. I apply this work aesthetic to my own business, Royally Divine, as well as any future business endeavors. I look forward to sharing color and my unique ideas with the rest of the world. 

Royally Divine was created in 2008 by Larissa "Para" Galarza. The name Royally Divine started off as a name for Larissa to brake into the art scene. Royally Divine has evolved into so much more. A brand,  a style, and overall look to bring smiles be people's faces.  Royally Divine has been producing many custom items such as clothes, plushies, pins, prints, & accessories. Be sure to keep up with Royally Divine on social media! Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, and YouTube! 

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